2019 results

Tuesday 21.07.20

2019 ended with a solid business growth reaching a balance sheet total of 214.9 million chf (+ 5.5%), a gross profit of over 2 million chf (+ 333%) and an operating result of 1.6 million francs, 388% higher than the previous year. 

These positive results are accompanied by a growth in global funding and assets under management. Very positive is also the customer deposits increased which reached 167.2 million francs (+ 6.9%). The growth of administered or managed off-balance sheet assets is also important (+ 6.5%) thanks also to the contribution of the new bank's workforce. The result from commissions and services has progressed positively (+ 13.6%). The trading sector was able to benefit from favorable conditions such as the good corporate results of listed companies and the persistence of negative interest rates which encouraged investors to seek equity investments. Furthermore, the favorable market development made it possible to obtain a proprietary trading excellent result reaching 1.07 million chf.​