Società Bancaria Ticinese was founded in Lugano in 1903 and it transferred to Bellinzona the following year, it is today the only purely bank from Ticino. In 1919 the Bank participated in the foundation of the Associazione Bancaria Ticinese (ABT). In 1933 the Bank moves to Piazza Collegiata, where it is currently located. Its head offices, rebuilt in 1960 on the design of architect Augusto Jäggli, was expanded in 1982 with the integration of the adjacent building. In this headquarter the Bank knows an important phase of growth and development. In 1986 Società Bancaria Ticinese inaugurated its Centro Piazza, a complex comprising offices, apartments and commercial premises. In 1988 it inaugurated Il Pozzo, Galleria d’Arte e Cultura, and in 2013 il Salone Espositivo e Culturale della Società Bancaria Ticinese, two projects of cultural animation.

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