Asset management

Pro-activeness, good timing and reliable information are very important factors for efficient asset management.

Our asset management service comprises a team of specialists ready to manage your assets on your behalf rigorously and attentively, seeking out the best opportunities for medium-to-long term investments.

After a careful analysis and discussion of the customer’s individual objectives and expectations, we can provide the management profile that best meets their personal requirements.


Our investment profiles


The mandate is to reinvest your assets at fixed final deadlines.


The portfolio aims, above all, to preserve the assets as well as providing regular revenue from interest payments.


The portfolio aims, in the long term, to provide real growth in your assets. The main sources of the yield are interest and dividends, coupled with capital gains.


The portfolio comprises a balanced division of investments between shares and bonds. This objective aims at a significant increase in the assets.


The portfolio is based more on shares and aims, in the long term, to provide asset growth.


The portfolio is based on the share market and aims, in the medium-to-long term, to provide asset growth.