Working capital loan

The working capital loan is the most common type of business loan and meets your business's need for liquidities. This loan can be granted without guarantees or with personal guarantees, assignment of business assets, pledging assets and/or securities.

Usually it serves to provide financial support during seasonal or economic fluctuations in business liquidity.

Types of use

A working capital loan can take various forms. Depending on your needs, Società Bancaria Ticinese offers you financing in the form of an overdraft facility or a fixed advance.

Overdraft facility

The credit limit is defined and agreed with the customer and enables them to dispose of the available funds indefinitely and at any time. The interest rate is variable and depends on the amount and the guarantees provided. The interest, which is debited quarterly, is calculated according to the amount of the overdraft actually used.

Fixed advance

A working capital loan in the form of a fixed advance enables you to cover your business’s need for liquidities over short periods (1–12 months) under better conditions and a fixed rate, avoiding the risk of rate increases. It is available for amounts from CHF 200,000.